The Bird Calls: Is It Finally Time For Myles Turner?

New Orleans Pelicans fans have been infatuated with Indiana Pacers center Myles Turner for years. Putting together trade scenarios that include the versatile big man have become a rite of passage. David Grubb talks with Alex Golden, host of the Setting The Pace podcast, to see if there is any possibility that a deal could be made to bring Turner to New Orleans.

Average Season StatisticsGMinPtsRebBlkStlFG%3P%FT%
Myles Turner (2019-23)53.329.814.
Pelicans Starting Centers 2019-23GMinPtsRebBlkStlFG%3P%FT%
Derrick Favors (2019-20)5124.
Steven Adams (2020-21)5827.
Jonas Valanciunas (2021-23)76.527.515.910.

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