Pelicans Slated To Take Hoosiers Swingman According to Latest Mock Draft released its latest look at the mock drafts from around the nation as we approach the final 53 hours before the 2023 NBA Draft presented by State Farm.

There is no mystery as to the first pick of the draft, with the San Antonio Spurs set to select Victor Wembanyama.

The real drama in the draft begins at number two, with the Charlotte Hornets. G League Ignite point guard Scoot Henderson remains the favorite to be picked second, though speculation remains that with LaMelo Ball in place as a more-than-competent point guard, the Hornets are looking to make a move to pair a more established player with Ball in trying to get back to the playoffs for the first time since after the 2015-16 season.

The third selection, held by the Portland Trail Blazers, also remains in play. The Blazers can attempt to continue to build around Damian Lillard by trading some of their young talent for more star power, or they can lean into a full rebuilding of the franchise by moving Lillard and starting a new era of basketball in Portland.

David Griffin and the New Orleans Pelicans are strongly attached to both teams, as rumors have swirled that Brandon Ingram could be shipped to Charlotte in exchange for the second pick, or Zion Williamson could be moved to Portland in a deal for the third.

Momentum seems to be building in and around the Pelicans that Williamson isn’t going anywhere.

The Athletic’s Will Guillory has reported that any trade involving Zion is “fairly unlikely,” and that the Pelicans haven’t put his name in offers made to the teams at the top of the draft.

Moving Ingram would seem like a major public relations problem for the Pelicans, after he played some of the best basketball of his career with Williamson sidelined in order to carry New Orleans into the play-in tournament.

So, if the Pelicans do hold on to the 14th pick in the draft, who do the experts have them taking?

The most common selection for New Orleans made by the 12 mock drafts that were surveyed was Baylor guard Keyonte George.

Ben Pfiefer gave his analysis of the freshman’s game, calling George “the best shooter in this class.”

However,’s consensus, which was based on overall points, has the Pelicans selecting Indiana freshman combo guard Jalen Hood-Schifino. While Hood-Schifino has great upside, his height and his position seem to make him an unlikely fit for New Orleans.

A total of six players were mentioned by the various mock drafts, with most focusing on New Orleans adding shooting.

Coulibaly is a native of France, and was a teammate of Wembenyama on Metropolitans 92. The 18-year-old is viewed as a wing with incredible athletic ability and potential as a defender. Lively, while extremely raw, is an exceptional shot blocker. Hawkins and Bufkin are both seen as elite shooting talents. Kris Murray brings experience and solid fundamentals, while fitting the profile of David Griffin’s most recent draft successes.

Another potential dark horse is Michigan forward Jett Howard. Howard is a fantastic shooter at 6-8 and is also expected to go in the middle to latter portion of the first round.

Mock DraftPlayerPos.Ht.Wt.
ESPN.comBilal CoulibalyF6-8194
The RingerKeyonte GeorgeG6-4185
The AthleticDereck Lively IIC7-1230
Yahoo SportsKeyonte GeorgeG6-4185
Bleacher ReportKeyonte GeorgeG6-4185
Netscouts BasketballJordan HawkinsG6-4186
CBS Sports (Gary Parrish)Jordan HawkinsG6-4186
CBS Sports (Kyle Boone)Kris MurrayF6-7212
SB NationKeyonte GeorgeG6-4185
USA Today/FTWKobe BufkinG6-4187

Whether the Pelicans use, trade, or package the pick, the waiting game continues.


2 thoughts on “Pelicans Slated To Take Hoosiers Swingman According to Latest Mock Draft

  1. I would stay pat with BI and Zion. They work good together when healthy. I truly hate all these outside reporters, including some in NOLA, who say they know from top sources the Pels will trade BI or Zion, and then speculate all these nonsense trade scenarios. The fact the Pels hierarchy hasn’t spoken tells me its just a crap shoot all this trade nonsense. The fan base would go berserk if they traded either BI or Zion. Before Zion went down in early January, we were number 1 in the west, JUST LAST YEAR. I’m not buying into it that either are going or that Zion is unhappy and has no relationship with his teammates as some (false) rumors indicate.

    Also we drafted Dyson last year to be our future point guard. We knew he would be a project when we drafted him. But he showed signs of what he could do on occasion and after Herb is probably our next best defender. I would like to see him slash a lot more to the basket. But do you give up on Dice after 1 year and take a chance with Scoot? I don’t see it. It would cost too much. Also we have Kira and Jose. Everyone seems to forget about Jose and what he does for this franchise. To me I hold on to the pick and draft either George or Lively and hope Dyson gets some more play in summer league and coaching development. My two cents.

    I presume the Pels will not pick up Jaxson’s option and that Richardson, Temple and Perhaps Willy will not be on the roster next year. Any thoughts on that David and who they could target in FA?


    1. They have very little money right now, but I expect Griff to make some sort of move in the draft. I’m far less inclined to believe that the Pels are going to trade either Zion or BI at this moment. I think they run it back to see if people are committed. If it doesn’t work, heads will roll.

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